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How are Reputation Management services different from SEO?
April 6, 2018
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Don’t let negative mentions of your brand hurt your business

Online Reputation Management London(UK) 

Online reputation management is gaining a lot of and a lot of attention from each online and offline businesses, and justifiably so. In the age when traditional media is being replaced by online resources, people prefer to use Google to find relevant information on a particular product or service, which is why you want to ensure they see only positive mentions of your brand. To do this, you need to constantly monitor all the search results that point to your name or your brand and react as soon as you notice any inappropriate results.

Why is ORM critical?

Unfortunately, information on the internet doesn’t actually have to be coming from reliable sources and be completely valid in order to spread like wildfire. This is why just about anyone is at risk of having their reputation damaged with no sensible reason. Whether it’s personal web reputation or reputation of a company, a lot of money can be lost just because of intentional or unintentional misinformation, not to mention other possible inconveniences. ORM services by Weybridge SEO Company Nicholas Constable offer individuals and businesses an opportunity to have their voice heard above the rumbling of the avalanche of unreliable gossip.

Unfortunately, there are many cases when just browsing the web for relevant results is not bringing any results. This is why ORM is typically divided into:

– Proactive ORM. This is an ongoing process of monitoring and analyzing relevant sets of data related to how you or your company’s profiles are indexed in search. Proactive ORM thus intends to prevent any possible damage to your brand.

– Reactive ORM. Once you determine negative results pointing to your brand, it’s essential to react instantly to boost your reputation. Most companies, unfortunately, pay little attention to this until a greater damage is done and this is where reactive online reputation management jumps in.


The first thing that we as top Weybridge ORM and SEO experts do when we take on the management of your online reputation, is to conduct an audit meant to give us a clear picture of the way you are perceived by different demographics. The intensive audit covers everything from user complaint websites, social networks, portals and blogs to newspapers and different online sources. Once the audit is completed, we identify the potential problems and what room there is for improvement.

Along with crucial the specifics of their current reputation, we have a tendency to are actively performing on creating a body of correct information on our client, which is supposed to assist in clearing up any possible misunderstandings. This includes press releases, articles and posts on different forums, and just about anything else that can help paint a clearer image of our client to the public.


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