Remove YouTube Videos Uploaded by Someone Else:- Nicholas Contable, Weybridge

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Remove YouTube Videos Uploaded by Someone Else:- Nicholas Contable, Weybridge

In this article Nicholas Constable, Weybridge talking about how to remove YouTube video uploaded by someone else:

It may be not possible to get rid of all traces of embarrassing, inaccurate, or sensitive personal data from widespread websites, however you’ll be able to build the info more difficult for people to search out.

As the saying goes, “online is forever.”

Once material has been uploaded to an online server, it begins to propagate to alternative servers and to the PCs of internet browsers. Removing all traces of a picture, video, post, or alternative data on an online web site becomes more difficult the longer the info resides on a public server.

Even if you register for a service like that guarantees to excise inaccurate, unflattering, or alternative private information from public sites, there is a likelihood the material can resurface somewhere. (I delineate’s privacy-protection services in an exceedingly post from last January.)

File a complaint about privacy-invading YouTube videos

I was reminded of however difficult it can be to erase inappropriate website when a friend asked me last week however he might remove an embarrassing video on YouTube that his friends had posted back in his college days. He could not bear in mind his old YouTube username and password, and the college e-mail address he used as his ID was long gone.

The video was the primary result that appeared whenever anyone searched his name on the location, and whereas it wasn’t as outrageous as some uncomplimentary YouTube content are often, it actually failed to show him in his best light.

If he had posted the video and could remember the account name and password, he could simply choose the video in his list of things and choose Actions > Delete. The YouTube facilitate web site explains a way to recover a lost account name or password, whether or not the account is joined to a Google ID. (YouTube began requiring a Google account last year.)

In this case, somebody else had uploaded the video. If my friend were still in-tuned with the person, he might raise that they remove the unwanted content. Otherwise, his best choice is to open the video, click the flag icon to a lower place it, and choose Infringes My Rights > invades my privacy.

This leads to the YouTube Safety Center page, where you are asked to identify your issue. If you choose Privacy you are directed to the protective Your Privacy page, which has a link to the Privacy complaint process.

You’re then led through a six-step wizard, when that you are presented with the Privacy complaint form. The shape asks for your real name, your e-mail address, the user name of the one who posted the video, the video URL, and your reason for wanting the content removed. YouTube offers the unloader forty eight hours to require action on the criticism and guarantees to inform you by e-mail once the uploader or Facebook has acted on the criticism.

Does the method work? i have not tried it, though I am tempted to raise the service to remove a video review I created back in 2007 for a GPS device that has been off the marketplace for years. The video was denote by a former employer and currently serves only as a reminder of why i do not build videos for a living.

If my friend decides to travel the complaint route, i will let you know if he succeeds in having the unflattering video removed.

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