Nicholas Constable gives 6 Tips to Drive More Traffic from Social Media

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April 30, 2018
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Nicholas Constable gives 6 Tips to Drive More Traffic from Social Media

By Nicholas Constable-In this post you’ll learn several ways to improve your current social media efforts and start driving more traffic to your website from it today.

Don’t Forget the Link/CTA

It may appear obvious, however forever include a link/CTA back to your web site. It not only drives traffic, however shows your reader what to do next.

No matter how much someone likes your brand, if you don’t ask them to visit your website, give them a compelling reason to, and make it easy, they are not likely to do it. So, always user social media as a teaser and include a website link for more information.

Always Include an Image

It’s crucial to use images in your social media posts when sharing content, especially now that the majority of social media users are on mobile devices.

Images are a lot of attention-getting than text alone and they also take up more room in the timeline, helping you attract more attention. Also, the right image can help prospects visualize what the content is going to be about while also making a post more “shareable.”

Images increase engagement across the board:

On Facebook, posts with images attract 39% more engagement

Post with images on LinkedIn get 98% more comments

Including images and/or videos in your Twitter posts can increase engagement by up to 200% (Source)

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Blog Posts

It’s great when you can drive a lot of traffic from your social media channels, but it’s even better when other people do it for you.

If your website doesn’t already have social sharing buttons, you could be missing out on a lot of social media traffic that’s generated from people already reading your blog!

Use Paid Promotion/Sponsored Content

The fastest way to drive a lot of traffic from social media is thru paid promotion.

When you’re executing on a solid social media strategy, paid promotion or “sponsored content” adds fuel to the fire. You can experiment with completely different targeting choices (including location, gender, business and interests on most profiles) to assist expose new people to your content and promote new traffic.

Be Active & Engaged

Too many B2B brands are guilty of not updating their social media enough. The only way to keep your followers engaged is to post updates and interact with people on a regular basis. Otherwise, they are likely to forget about you.

Be Consistent

If you study the B2B brands with the best marketing, you’ll notice they are always consistent with their social media activity.

Regularly posting high-quality, fascinating content, and responding to comments keeps your page lively and engaging instead of a one-sided conversation.

Don’t take this to the extreme and post updates every 15 minutes or you’ll just annoy everyone, but make your presence known. Have your brand act more like a human and less like a B2B enterprise on social media, and you’ll connect with more people.

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